Tuesday, September 19, 2006

posted by odog 19/9/06

Taybeh October Fest
Some might be aware that the annual Taybeh October Fest was held last weekend. Given the significance of this event, Bethlehem Bloggers sent a delegation on sunday to check out activities and evaluate the event (and maybe have a pint or two).

All we can say is: what a party! The event was held at the village town hall. In the building people were selling all sorts of neat stuff: local hand crafts, Taybeh T-shirts, palestinian folk clothing and locally produced honey. Outside in the plaza there was music and dabka dancing and of course the bar....

By the evening there were at least a couple hundred present. The place was packed, which we assumed was in anticipation for the final event of the night, a hip hop preformance by Palestinian rap artists. They went off, rapping in both arabic and english, sending a clear message of political defiance in their lyrics.

All in all the event was a sucess and fun family affair, showing that despite the occupation people still find time to kick back and enjoy themselves.

Blogger ian
Mmm, Taybeh beer. Who were the rappers?
11:34 PM  
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