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What planet is Rudolf Giuliani on?
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Rudi G: Lookin' good at a charity ball...

"It is not in the interest of the United States, at a time when it is being threatened by Islamist terrorists, to assist the creation of another state that will support terrorism ," stated the former New York mayor, of plans to create a Palestinian state through the Middle East Peace Process™, sponsored by President Bush.

Come off it, Rudy. Even ignoring the blatant racist orientalism of this statement, which infers that all Arabs, indeed, all Muslims, are terrorists, bent on the destruction of the United States and all her infidel values, you must know that you're talking nonsense.

Yet you still expect people to take your bid for the US presidency seriously? Even after showing your ignorance of foreign affairs with this statement. Even after a proven track record in mismanagement of emergency situations. Even after showing your ignorance of defense and security matters (one word: "Blowback").

You must know that creating a US puppet state in a strategic location is hugely advantageous to the United States, and the "sacred way of life" of its people. Or are you ignorant of the history of your own country, too?

Creating an independent Palestinian state gives you the following advantages:

- A massive boost for your esteemed leader, "solving" the key obstacle to Middle East peace, and "ending" the 40-year occupation of the West Bank.

- A tacit claim that US foreign policy is driven by peacemaking – even such an obvious lie might have some moral standing among the more upright members of your community.

- A nice, friendly, "moderate" Palestinian, an Arab Uncle Tom, wearing a suit and tie, to lie on your behalf to people who understandably are none too impressed by your armament of, and payment for, the brutal military occupation of their lands.

- The opening of US-Israeli trade with a literally captive market; the opportunity of labor savings with the employment of returning refugees in Israeli settlement sweatshops; the manipulation of the business environment through Foreign Direct Investment (with $300 million in loans promised by the US administration just a fortnight ago).

- Normalization of diplomatic relations with the Arab states and access to cheap oil, for the US and Israel. There's no need to address the globally-dangerous culture of consumption when you have access to fresh resources… Say, Rudy, why not fill that Hummer up with gasoline and go get a $5 coffee in a plastic cup – the Earth's resources belong to you, now, after all!

- Finally, the excuse, when it all falls apart, that the US tried her best to bring peace, "but these Arabs just don't understand democracy" – and justification for bringing the unending war of the military-industrial complex to a new part of the Middle East. Here's what you've all been waiting for: Now this is your new frontier for your "clash of civilizations". Great news for shareholders. This is big business. This is the American way.

The creation of a Palestinian state would only really to amount to a "solution" to Middle East peace if it were sustainable and just. Unfortunately, that's not the intention of your beloved President. He's after the quick money – get in, make a mess, spend a whole pile of taxpayers' money and declare victory before anyone notices that the whole lie is falling apart. Mind you, that's kind of his style, isn't it?

From your office in cloud-cuckoo-land, you state that "good governance", as defined by yourself, of course (renowned statesman that you are), is a prerequisite for the establishment of a Palestinian state. "Palestinian statehood will have to be earned through sustained good governance, a clear commitment to fighting terrorism, and a willingness to live in peace with Israel. America's commitment to Israel's security is a permanent feature of our foreign policy," you say.

But what is "good governance"? In terms of the more-than-adequate history of US military interventions in the affairs of other countries, "good governance" can be defined as the level of willingness of a state leader, "democratically-elected" or otherwise, to bend over and take the full girth of US imperialism, double-teamed with transnational corporate hegemony: exposing the natural resources of a country; animal, mineral and vegetable, for foreign exploitation, and signing themselves over to ownership by the US state pimp.

While you bolster the Fatah regime, while you assist the creation of a police state in the West Bank, your "good governance" will only succeed in alienating the poor, the isolated and the dispossessed. A state imposed on the Palestinian people, dependent on US-Israeli interests, is a recipe for disaster. Maybe you already know this, and are committed to "the long game", envisioned with such glee by the arms dealers and the warlords hiding among the Quartet diplomats. You know full well that the creation of a Palestinian state is within the traditional interests of America: Liberty (to do as you're told)! Freedom (to be enslaved by the global markets)! And huge profits for all (all the collaborators, anyway)!

Maybe, Mr Giuliani, you are simply in favor of the apartheid state initiated by Israel, the closest ally of the US. Or maybe you simply don't realize that government-sanctioned action to separate one ethnic group of people from another is apartheid. Maybe you don't understand that, under international law, an occupying power has a duty of care for the citizens of the occupied territories. Maybe it's not your fault. Maybe you've just seen too much of the nonsense which passes in the corporatized incantations of mainstream media as "news". Maybe you simply believe what you're told by your masters, that "the other" is uncivilized, a barbarian, a savage – while it is the noble task of the United States military (and their backers in the corporate media) to shine a light upon this darkness, to bring calm where there is chaos, to give the Disney channel to kids unenlightened by Western pop culture.

Rudy, a message to you: Given the above assertions, you are either too ignorant, too evil, or simply too naïve to become "the leader of the free world". Try reading a little more. Try meeting some of your Muslim neighbors. Better luck in 2012.


James Brownsell is an independent writer and DJ based in occupied Bethlehem. He can be contacted through This piece was first published at

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