Thursday, September 14, 2006
Posted by Odog 14/9/06

Palestine's Very Own October Fest

This weekend on the 16th-17th of September, the West Bank village of Taybeh, near Ramallah will be hosting its annual "October Fest". Now, the first thing I am sure you are wondering is why is it being held in September if its an "October Fest". Well, for those familiar with the Islamic calander, Ramadan is beginning soon and for cultural sensitivity the festival is being held early.

Taybeh Beer is one of Palestines rare economic success stories with exports throughout Europe. "Taybeh" in arabic means "delicious" and while Bethlehem Bloggers is not about edorsing certain commercial products, Taybeh certainly lives up to its name.

At the festival there will be music, dancing, art and of course, tastey cold beers. We encourage anybody who is interested to come! For Israeli's who can't make it, try demanding Taybeh at your local Bar especially in Jerusalem. For more information on Taybeh see the website.


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