Thursday, August 10, 2006
To The readers of 'The Independent'
posted by: Frubious Bandersnatch at 4:01 PM
This morning we were pleased to discover that an article in 'The Independent' drew attention to the work we do here at the BethlehemGhetto. Welcome to all Independent readers!

The BethlehemGhetto publishes posts from both locals and international expatriates living in the Bethlehem area. The Blog was founded to give a voice to people living in the Bethlehem ghetto in order to enable them to communicate the surreal day to day life here to the outside world. If you are interested in receiving regular updates on what life is like in one of the largest man made prisons on earth, from a variety of different people on the ground, please add the Bethlehemghetto to your favorites list and circulate the web address to your contacts.

In spite of the feeling we sometimes get here behind the wall, we realize that our 4km wide ghetto does not exist in isolation, and is in fact merely an island in the sea of growing chaos that is the current Middle East. For this reason we also publish various comment articles as well as republishing interesting posts from other websites across the region which we think apply to our situation.

At the moment most of our energy is dedicated to trying to draw attension to the war crimes being committed against civilians in the Lebanon and Gaza Strip. Living in Bethlehem we know what it is like to feel helpless in the face of one of the largest military machines in the world.

Thank you for visiting the Bethelehem Ghetto.


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