Sunday, October 02, 2005
Visits to Bethlehem
posted by: bethlehembloggers at 9:03 PM

Those who've been emailing us lately might have been annoyed to not to get an answer as quickly as we'd like. Due to a few changes in our team lately, we've been slow to respond... but now we're going to post some messages we get now and then, starting with one from Mike, (pictured):

"I am an american who never been out of the country except when i went to bethlehem. I realized the struggle that the palestinians have to go through and want you to know i have been spreading the word here in america. Having palestinian roots i feel very strongly about the isreali aparthied."

If you've ever been to Bethlehem and want to share your experience, then email us and we might put your comments up. If you send anything to us include 'for posting' in the message so we don't have to check if you mind being quoted or not.

Thanks again Mike.


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