Saturday, October 08, 2005
Sabbah's blog/ IDF uses human shields... again
posted by: bethlehembloggers at 11:26 AM

Another site we should mention is Sabbah’s blog. Apparently there was something back in August called Blog Day 2005 where loads of bloggers made a list their favourite blogs and ‘tagged’ them, letting them know they’ve been recommended and bringing their readers to notice other blogs of interest... sounds like a good idea. Shame we missed that at the time.

Well, we were ‘tagged’ by Sabbah so it only seems fair to pay back the favour, giving Sabbah's blog a mention… I noticed this story (which the photo also comes from):

"On Thursday at dawn, 29 September 2005, IOF killed 3 Palestinians in two separate incidents in Jenin. Two of the victims were killed in Bourqin village, while the third was killed in the old town of Jenin…."

Full story here.

Then I noticed actually it’s originally from umkahlil's blog, and probably from another website before that… that’s the great thing about the internet; freely sharing info and spreading news.

Thanks for the mention Sabbah, consider yourself tagged back :)
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Blogger mercy
B'tselem also said the army had used a 15-year-oldPalestinian boy and a Palestinian man for a similarpurpose during the five-day raid of Nablus, a militantstronghold.
12:10 PM  
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