Thursday, October 06, 2005
Australians against the Wall
posted by: bethlehembloggers at 5:50 PM

More supportive and encouraging emails coming in, this one from Australia (photo from peacerider):

I was interested to read your website as my husband was born in Beit Sahour and most of his family (apart from parents and siblings) are still there. We feel so much for the wonderful people of Palestine and can only hope, one day, peace for you all will come.

We live in an area in Australia where the locals do not listen to the news, or take heed of the propoganda therein, and have much sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians.

Hold your heads high and keep care of your warm hearts, the Western world has much to learn from you all. It is good you protest with non violence, that is the secret, please be aware we understand we have no idea what you are going through, it is easy to sit back here and give our thoughts and opinions – we see the Arab people as being highly educated, warm, embracing and strong, who deserve to be respected in the highest regard.

Hope and Peace to you all,

Anne Shomali

Thanks Anne. Again, if anyone else wants to share messages of support to the Palestinian people, we'll happily publish your views/ stories; just email us or use the comments tool.
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