Tuesday, October 24, 2006
"Librairie Resistances".. Palestine & liberation movements history
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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to inform you of the creation of a new bookshop in Paris called "Librairie Resistances" which offers you :

- Several thousands of essays, novels and DVD's
- A reading and research room, with a multimedia space
- A room for exhibitions, lectures and projection of films

Specialised in the history of liberation movements and of all battles for human dignity across the world, this new space brings to life a wish to say :

- NO to the "clash of civilisations", to ethnic divisions, to colonialism and to racism
- YES to the right of peoples to be free to be themselves, to justice and solidarity, to resistance against all forms of oppression, especially that suffered for dozens of years by the people of Palestine.

Palestine having been occupied for so many years is effectively one of the most obvious symbols, on the surface of the planet, of the refusal of international law and human rights, replaced by reliance on force. An extrermely dangerous situation which we would like to change together with all those who place their hope in humanity against barbarity.

Culture is a force which should help us to win. This is why, with the help of Palestinian artists such as Kamal Boullata, Hani Zu'rob, Naseer Arafat, Najwan Darwish, Alia Rayyan, Nathalie Handal, Muthanna Al-Qadi, Steve Sabella, Taysir Batniji, who were willing to advice us in this field, the Résistances Bookshop will promote Palestinian talents all over the world, and will try to show through literature and other arts (cinema, paintings, photos..) that Palestinian culture is quite alive and does not oppose itself toother cultures, but vibrates with many influences and specificities, as Edward Saïd kept explaining during his whole life.

Algeria, Vietnam and South Africa - the fight against fascism. Palestine and Iraq - the fight against exclusion. The many battles waged across the world, yesterday as today, are rich in lessons for us. They allow us to understand what brings us together, the ties which unite the citizens of the whole world and the different cultures and civilisations.

In a world where objective information is a rarer and rarer commodity the Résistances Bookshop gives everyone the chance of judging on the basis of facts.

Coming Meetings with authors and artists:

Friday 27th October from 7.30pm: Eric HAZAN, writer and editor at the Editions La Fabrique, back from Palestine, will present his book: "Notes on the occupation : Nablus, Qalqilia, Hebron" (coming out the same day)

Saturday 4th November at 5pm: Said LALOUH-PREVOST, novelist, author of "The lift to Ursa Magna" (Editions Danger Public)

Thursday 9th November at 7.30pm: Serge PORTELLI, Judge and author of "Treatise of Appied Demagogy", and Jean-Pierre MIGNARD, Avocat and author of "The Clichy Affair" will discuss with us the situation in France, one year after the "crisis in the suburbs".

Saturday 18th November at 5pm: Richard LABEVIERE, journalist (RFI), will present his latest book "The Great U-turn", an enquiry into French policy in the Middle East, especially in the Lebanon.

Thursday 23rd November at 7.30pm: Recital of poems by the Franco-Maroccan writer Abdulatif LAABI

Thursday 7th December at 7.30pm: "The consequences of Israeli policy" : a debate led by Tanya REINHART and Aharon SHABTAI, Israeli writers

Librairie Résistances - 4 Villa Compoint, 75017 Paris - Métro Guy Moquet - Bus 31: stop Davy-Moines - Tel : 01 42 28 89 52 - Fax : 01 42 28 95 29

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday (2 pm to 8 pm). Please, come and visit us ! Circulate the information !

A site will shortly be at your service to allow you to know what works are available, as well as a complete list of events organised by the Librairie Résistances.


Olivia Zémor and Nicolas Shahshahani

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