Tuesday, October 04, 2005
A letter to President George W. Bush
posted by: beitsahourplayer at 11:56 PM

A letter to President George W. Bush

Dear Sir:

I know you do not know me, but I am a young Palestinian man who knows you well. I am sending this letter to you, Sir, to tell you this:

I was listening to the news today as I do all the time and scientists were talking about major changes in the climate. They expect that the hurricanes to come will be worse than Katrina was.

There for, I am telling you, Sir, for the love of your children: stop using your weapons and destroying nature with your wars and your quest for riches.

When will everybody realize that the way of living you're presenting us with is destroying humankind? By using weapons and exploiting nature you are killing the hope of a better future for our children and yours.

There is no need for wars or killing. We do not need your oil or fancy cars, we only need to learn how to live with each other as human beings. When activists like me fight against your capitalism and the destruction of nature and humanity, you call us crazy.

But let me tell you this: we are the last defense for humankind. We are the ones who are going to save humanity. In our world, there will be no weapons to kill people with or to destroy the natural world; there will be no occupation to oppress people. In our world, everybody will be saved from harm In your world, your military was killing people while their families were dieing from Hurricane Katrina.

Sorry, sir, for the long letter. I know you are a busy man-- you have a country to run and an occupation to look after.


Beit Sahour Player

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