Saturday, August 27, 2005
Letter from BeitSahourPlayer
posted by: beitsahourplayer at 3:53 PM
Hi to all of you out there

I was reading the site lately and I have noticed that there is some people do not like the word ghetto that we are using

I want to tell you may friends if using the word ghetto will get the attention of the people to what is happing in Palestine I will used

You can call it a ghetto or prison or what aver you want …..But no one can control what we can writ

The word ghetto is not for the use of Israelis only

And another thing, from a person how is living in Bethlehem area

We are living in ghettos and soon enough we will be living in conditions that are worse than Warsaw.

Army invades any time they want kill anyone they like do not allow us out make us dance and play music for them in the checkpoints so tell me what is that different than Warsaw the only difference that I can find is the death chambers.

I am sorry for what happened to the Jewish people in Warsaw but no one of you own the word ghetto.

BeitSahourplayer – Bethlehem ghetto.
Anonymous Anonymous
I can not of course convince you to choose another word and if you feel that ghetto is appropriate, then by all means use that word. However: the Jews were forced into ghettos prior to slaughtering them--the Nazis has an overall plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe.

In the case of the Arabs, it is THEY who tried to exterminate the Jewsof Israel in some 4 wars and not having suceeded, many arabs found themselves living in what you now refer to as ghettos. But these are of arab making because they inityiated wars of extermination but failed. That is a very big difference.
1:50 AM  
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