Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Are we going to see civil war in Palestine?
posted by: beitsahourplayer at 4:47 PM
Are we going to see civil war in Palestine?

Hamas are fighting with Fateh in Gaza, killing each other using weapons that was made to fight the occupation, targeting each other in way as if this what will help to free Palestine.

In the other hand the Israeli occupation army is invading the west bank cities killing people and arresting hundreds and our fighters And Government are busy killing each other

Did not we learn from what happened in Lebanon?

Wake up people …. Our fight is with Israeli occupation not with each other

Wake up and see the wall, the killing around you wake up ……

Just today 4 times the Israeli army invaded Bethlehem 3 arrested

For the freedom fighters: stop fighting each other …..All of you know whom you should fight.
Anonymous Anonymous
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