Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners
posted by: refugee at 9:12 PM
hi dear friends this is a massege written by a friend from the Basque Country and i did post it here in solidarity with each other.

Thousands of Palestinian political prisoners started a fight on the 15th of August. Unfortunately, it will not be the first neither the last, until they beat the Zionist ambition. The aim of this fight is to finish with the cruel conditions they suffer at the Israeli prisons.
In Palestine as in the Basque Country, there is a whole nation in prison, denied and imposed. Thousands of people, fighting men and women are in Israeli dirty cells, often against any legislation or law and imposing unjust conditions.
As in French and Spanish prisons, in Israeli prisons they also violate the basic rights of the political prisoners and their families, for example torturing, isolating, keeping them away, putting obstacles to the communication with their friends and families, imposing humiliating searches, withdrawing medical assistance or denying the choice to study. These are some of the norms that rule in prison here and there.
The fight of our brothers and sisters of Palestine wants to finish with a reality that us, the Basque political prisoners, know very well. In this struggle, they have got the strong support of the Palestinian society. They will need it to face the hunger of the Zionist revenge.
Through this note, we send our solidarity to all the fighting Palestinian political prisoners. At the same time, we appeal to Basque people to participate in the solidarity actions.
In support of Palestine and the Basque Country, GORA PRESO POLITIKOAK!
In the Basque Country,
The Basque Political Prisoners
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