Wednesday, May 25, 2005
my bound childhood
posted by: refugee at 9:07 PM
My childhood … I don’t know if I had it in the past or not … because I haven’t come upon the meaning of it in this life, but I am able to describe it, because my childhood is the miracle of its time.

Imagine the form of it! I will write for you now and the artists were too feeble to draw it
My childhood, it became a toy without mean…it was shot by the bullets without prevention or prohibition … my toy… I am looking for it under the destruction and asking the emergency group ... My sister... my mother… my father and my uncle… I asked about them in the crowd, they told me come and search with us under the destruction. Maybe you will find a proof or some remainder from the conscience of humanity… it was broken in the past … but it hasn’t died until now … maybe you will find it or maybe the time has passed for that!

My broken childhood, I am looking for something to fix it with and to return it not destroyed, in that time which the conscience has lost its way and it became like conspiracy in the hands of the criminals.

The conscience of the world became without a title, we don’t know if it appears like the humanity or it appears like the great injustice. In this time the human was overcoming without reference from constitution or from the Koran.

That’s my childhood, which suffer from the calamity of the occupation, without mercy and with the injustice and implementation of settlements. We are in it’s maze, we don’t have prestige …we are being insulted and killed in every time and we don’t find any conscience or human rights saying that it will save the smile on the faces of the people. They are suffering until the deliverance from mire, it is still on their life like a nightmare and some fairy tales.
That’s my childhood which you were too feeble to know and my smile, I lost my time picking it up underneath the tank and I am hopeful and all of me is a wish so help me to create the justice and save the wish.a
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