Monday, May 02, 2005
The dream of return
posted by: refugee at 10:54 AM
The dreams are a funny and beautiful world … it makes us forget the
hardness of the days and it makes us looking to what come after the
darkness … in every where and all places...Until there is no place
for the justice.

And the children… they are the dream of the humanity... That’s what
they will try to do…although the siege and the killing and the
devastation… but does the humanity save the children?! Or they left them in the maze way of the great injustice and aggression?!

Everything that’s going on, it makes the child try and try to grow and to be able to dream.

So what is the Palestinian child’s dream, who stays hopeful to see
the wake up of the humanity conscience!

Does he still have dreams until now?! Or the tanks damaged most part of this dream?

How will he dream as he lost his father... His sister and brother his mother and his life, and he became far from his dream and his future.

He still doesn’t have just one dream, and the promised hope to return to his land and his mother “Palestine”.

He starts to dream by the return of Palestine’s cuddle, he starts to pass his ways, and he sends the sundown وand he is hopeful to make his future shine…

He is looking between his notebooks and pens… between his reality and his imagination, about his small dream, that he named it by Palestine.

He split his way and all of them are determinationو he is looking
for liberation and decision…he is hoping to be the strong hero, who breaks all the killing and siege kinds and ways, it become in his world which faces all the aggression ways…

He is still persisting and striving…dreaming and proud… would he
find his lost aim when the life betrayed him… it didn’t do anything for him, just scattered his dreams and destroyed his home and his future without I.D.

Does the humanity allow the offensive or does it because it is
Israel’s made?!
Anonymous Anonymous
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