Thursday, April 28, 2005
You dropped your bullets!
posted by: salam max at 7:54 PM
I was stood outside of the DCO checkpoint coming back from a rally in Walaja. An army jeep drove past us and one of the soldiers dropped a full magazine of M16 bullets out the back of the jeep… and kept driving!

Not one to pick up live ammunition myself, I watched as someone else went to check it out. One of the Palestinian drivers in the queue to get into Bethlehem called out: “Here, give it to me!”

So he came and got the bullets, drove to the front of the queue, called the soldiers and told him what had happened.

“Hey, you’ve dropped your bullets. Can I pass the checkpoint now?!”

The bemused soldier took them from him, and the driver got through. I hope none of those bullets end up in his back.

Everyone here says the same: “We just want peace, but Sharon wants war. He’s crazy!”

When will Israel realize that Palestinians just want to be left in peace?

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