Friday, April 08, 2005
This is Not a Subject for Comedy!
posted by: peacerider at 2:50 PM
The Left Wing Jewish Comedian, Ivor Dembina is currently on tour through Palestine and Israel and will be performing in Beit Sahour on Monday 11th April. I've already seen Ivor's show and it is hilarious, but then again I was at the Comedy Store in London and far away from the subject of the show which is "Not a Subject for Comedy"...

Ivor passionately believes it is in the interest of the Jewish people that the Occupation ends and hopes that This is Not a Subject for Comedy will perhaps go some way to helping that process. The show features Ivor's distinctive brand of political humour.
As he puts it, I'm one of those Jews who believe we should give back the Occupied Territories - but I think we should hang on to New York!
He toured Palestine in October and the show was a sell out. As ABC Radio reported:
This is not a Subject for Comedy had the audience in stitches. Given that Mr Dembina deals with subjects that frequently cause anger among both Israelis and Palestinians, this was something of an achievement.
Still not convinced? Only one way to find out: Monday 11th April 7pm at Beit Sahour Medical Centre.


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