Friday, April 15, 2005
Remembering Tom Hurndall
posted by: salam max at 1:57 PM

The highly recommended Rafapundits - always an inspiration for this site - mourned the loss of Tom Hurndall on Monday, the second anniversary of his fatal shooting in Rafah.

We had a comedy gig in the area on that night, and someone from the ISM (someone who had herself been shot by the Israeli army in Bethlehem) here spoke about the loss of Tom.

How can you remember the killing of an innocent and at the same time introduce a comedy night - appropriately called This is not a subject for comedy? A tough job, I thought, but her words were to the effect that if Tom were still with us on that day, he would have been at a comedy gig too; having a laugh in this country is a fundamental thing to do if you want to keep your sanity, to stay human.

Ivor then had us all in stitches with his dark humour and serious but light-hearted show, as an everyday Jewish bloke from London (his family in North London are refugees... from South London). Palestinians and Internationals in Bethlehem remembered Tom with tears of laughter that night.

Bethlehem bloggers continue in Tom's footsteps; we honour him and his effort to bring the message from Palestine out to the world, as we strive to do with this website.

More info and photo's on the Tom Hurndall site.
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