Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Pope John Paul II in Palestine
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Citizens for Fair Legislation sent us a request to publish the following. There are loads of posters of the Pope up around Bethlehem since he died, and the following helps to explain why:

Pope John Paul II was a staunch supporter of Palestinian self determination. He was a consistent defender of Palestinian human rights and repeatedly called on Israelis and the United States alike to recognize the dignity and humanity of Palestinians under occupation.

In 2000 the Pope visited the Dehaisheh refugee camp in the Palestinian territories, during that visit he said:

"I express all my happiness at being here today. How can I fail to pray that the divine gift of peace will become more and more a reality for all who live in this land, uniquely marked by God's intentions? Peace for the Palestinian people! Peace for all peoples of the region! No one can ignore how much the Palestinian people have had to suffer in recent decades. Your torment is before the eyes of the world, and it has gone on too long."

"The Holy See has always recognized that the Palestinian people have the natural right to a homeland, and the right to be able to live in peace and tranquility with the other peoples of this area. In the international forum, my predecessors and I have repeatedly claimed that there would be no end to the sad conflict in the Holy Land without stable guarantees for the rights of all the peoples involved, on the basis of international law and the relevant United Nations resolutions and declarations.

"Today and always the Palestinian people are in my prayers to the One who holds the destiny of the world in his hands. May the Most High God enlighten, sustain and guide in the path of peace the whole Palestinian people."
Citizens for Fair Legislation is a grassroots organization committed to encouraging a fair domestic and foreign policy with an emphasis on the US/Arab world.

More from CFL on their website.
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