Friday, April 29, 2005
Planting seeds of hope
posted by: salam max at 9:31 AM
Lately we’ve been asking for more photos of graffiti on the Wall to send a positive image of resistance and hope on this site.

Well, in this posting Mobius sends a provocative message to religious Jewish readers. Last look there were 50 comments raging in debate over his “Wailing Wall” concept.

The Orthodox Anarchist causes a stir...

There’s nothing like a bit of controversy to get people’s attention. Mobius, the ‘Orthodox Anarchist’, is a practicing Jewish radical living in Israel and is in complete solidarity with Palestinians. He says that he finds “denial of Palestinian history as abhorrent as Holocaust denial”. Check him out, if you haven’t already.

The Orthodox anarchist is a rare being – Rafah Pundits love him big time, and the feeling is mutual it seems: According to one of their bloggers: “He is the best advocate for Israel I have never met.” But I want to add to this support by saying that Mobius is not that rare: he's no lone soldier, so to speak.

Example: This week, a campaigning journalist from Jerusalem spoke at an AIC meeting in Beit Sahur about his work being based on his egalitarian human values. This was in stark contrast to the other Israeli Journalist who effectively said that she was just writing what her Jewish Israeli readers wanted to read about (i.e. 'human interest' stories about those poor settlers who are going to be ‘expelled’ from Gaza).

A friend from Beit Jala expressed how amazed she was that Israeli Jews worked according to their humanitarian values of common ground and egality. And they aren’t just nice words from Neve – I’ve met him (and other Israelis) in Walaja and seen how inspiringly dedicated he is in his work: As are all of the crew at the AIC office in Jerusalem.

The meeting was another successful way of bringing Israelis and Palestinians together on common ground – something that Neve emphasized in his talk about the role of the media here.

A month or so back two Israeli refuzniks from New Profilecame to speak to a packed audience of Palestinians and Internationals, giving an opportunity for Palestinians to meet Israelis who refuse to serve the occupation. Palestinians usually find it heartening and encouraging to discover that there are – and often for the first time to actually meet – such Israelis committed to peace and justice in Palestine/Israel.

So, whilst you can ‘meet’ people like Mobius online at any of his sites (and he is certainly a prolific and eloquent writer), you can also meet courageous and committed Israeli activists and journalists who regularly ‘cross the border’ and work side by side with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

See any of the articles on Israel Indymedia (when they get their server sorted out, that is) for more examples, as well as Anarchists against the Wall (if you can read Hebrew), Ta’ayush or Windows. There are many more too, even if you can’t find them writing everyday online. (Joseph, of the Judean People's Front!, we’re still waiting for you to get 'blogging' again! ;)

All these people are busy planting the seeds of hope in Israel and Palestine and we look forward to seeing more of them here in the Bethlehem Ghetto.
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