Monday, April 04, 2005
Land Day activities continued - Al-Walaja Village
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A house in Walaja being destroyed in January 2005. Photo from 'Snoopy'

On Saturday April 9th there will be a popular march in Bethlehem governorate in the village of Al-Walaja, 12 pm.

In January there was an invasion of Israeli soldiers and bulldozers of the Village of Walaja; several buildings were destroyed. The new route of the wall is going to cut off Walaja from Bethlehem, leaving it on the "Israeli" side of the Wall (actually on the Palestinian side of the Green Line).

Further, there are plans to build a new settlement on their land, continuing the ethnic cleansing, sorry “Judaization” of Palestinian land.

When I went to witness the bulldozers employed by the State of Israel do their dirty work, I wrote:
“This small-scale invasion of Walaja village is seen as a precursor to a larger attack, to test the response of the villagers: “What can we do?” asked Al-Araj: “The legal orders of the courts say to stop the home demolitions until a final decision is made, but who knows if the army will comply. Why have they destroyed these small buildings? They don’t listen to courts. The highest court of all, in The Hague, ruled to take down the Wall and Israel ignores it; what hope is there for us?”

[...] Wael Al-Araj saw his own home demolished in 1990. He described how difficult it is to watch your house be destroyed in just minutes after you built it up brick by brick over the years. Yet, he remains steadfast: “We will never leave this land. We will stay here until we die. We will sleep under the sky if we have to. Where else is there for us to go? There is nowhere.”

“Put yourself in our shoes—what would you do?”
Full report can be read on Freckle's great looking blog here.

You can also read more background on Al-Walaja village here.

A Statement from the Palestinian National Committee To Resist The Apartheid Wall says:
Our people will not be misled! Our experience with the Occupation has been long and bloody enough. We know how the so-called “ceasefire” has always been used by the Occupation Forces for the further colonization of our lands, and construction of illegal settlements. Ghettos cannot substitute for a state, our liberation and our land!

Ghettos are being created on 54% of the West bank, turning our people into prisoners in their own country, locked behind a Wall and gates where the keys are held by the Occupation soldiers, Ghettos are turning our people into slaves into the joint industrial zones being built on our land . Stripped of land and resources the Occupation wants to control and regiment us into their industrial zone slavery systems.

In Popular Resistance we stand against Settlements and Colonialism, and demand implementation of the ICJ decision to demolish the Apartheid Wall!

Palestinian National Committee To Resist The Apartheid Wall

Be there on Saturday if you are in the area, and tell the State of Israel they cannot continue with these crimes against humanity. Show the people of Al-Walaja that they are not forgotten, nor will they be ignored.

More info at the Stop the Wall website.
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