Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Palestinian man wounded outside Bethlehem Checkpoint
posted by: salam max at 5:07 PM
I heard about this story from a friend, but she said to check it out in the news... and i can only find one story mentioning it, in 'Prensa Latina', from cuba:

In the other incident, soldiers shot and wounded a Palestinian man at a roadblock near the West Bank town of Bethlehem as he tried to steal a gun from a policeman, according to Israeli police reports.

My friend's account was that the young man, who was stopped outside the checkpoint, didn't like the way the Israeli soldier was pointing his gun in his face at point blank range. So he pushed the gun to the side. NOT trying to steal it, merely move its barrel away from him.

He was shot for this, but this isn't really news these days - we have peace negotiations now, after all. I've never been keen on having a gun pointed straight at me either.

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