Wednesday, March 23, 2005
More photos and report from Palm Sunday March
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A report from the Palm Sunday protest in Bethlehem on the ISM website:

Despite the threat of tear gas, the crowd continued the last leg with the chanting growing louder: “we demand freedom”, “no justice no peace”, “the wall must fall,” “we come in peace”.

We walked past a gap in Israel’s ugly concrete apartheid wall which now rips the town of Bethlehem in two (that’s another story). As we moved toward the checkpoint we formed rows and linked arms.

It seemed we took the soldiers at the checkpoint by surprise because we got quite close before they realised what was going on. They were even more surprised when we continued to walk on as if they were not there. “Don’t mind us. We are going to Jerusalem to pray,” one demonstrator called out as a soldier approached the group.

...and some photos to go with.
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