Thursday, March 24, 2005
In grim refugee camp, hope coexists with fear
posted by: salam max at 4:38 PM
This is By Christina Erb - The Daily Iowan
The games Palestinian children play in the narrow, garbage-strewn lanes ease the toil of daily life in the Dheisheh refugee camp, a cramped home to 11,000 refugees and a half-century of painful memories.

In this land with only one U.N.-sponsored doctor, where growing families squeeze into low-rise buildings and broken windows remind visitors of the former Israeli Occupation Force raids, optimism for the future mixes with paranoia. The barbed-wire fence that once surrounded the camp is gone, dismantled after the forces withdrew in 1995. The fence's gate remains, however, as a memory of Palestinians' past hardships.
You can find out more about Dheisheh Camp by going to the Ibdaa website. Dheisheh is just on the edge of Bethlehem, and we hope to bring you photo's soon, including of the iron gate which still stands as a testimony to the horrors of yesteryear.

We also look forward to the day when the huge concrete gate being put up as we speak will one day only be a monument to remind us of dark days gone by. The Berlin Wall still stands in places, protected as World Heritage Sites, to remind the people of the world of their history. If the people of Dheisheh camp can tear down the fence that imprisoned them ten years ago, and if the people of Berlin can smash to pieces the wall that divided them, then we will surely - one day - do the same to this Wall.
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