Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Electronic Intifada on Bethlehem Bloggers
posted by: salam max at 11:33 AM
Aren't we proud of ourselves?! Our press release got picked up by Electronic Intifada, The Website to check for news and critical coverage of events in Palestine.

Arjan El Fassed, who also has his own blog, has this to say on the importantce of Palestinian weblogs:
I always felt that Palestinians should have a means by which to narrate their own lives, hopes and history. Diaries, and in this age, weblogs, give writers a space in which to record their opinions and reflections on historic and day-to-day events. It has been a valuable asset, an alternative source, and a much needed human context to understand the realities of life under occupation. Weblogs give ordinary Palestinians the power to narrate, address issues of human rights, humane values, justice, and equality.

Bethlehem Bloggers, like thousands worldwide, are changing the terms of media and policy debates through their handmade, personalized blogs. However, these bloggers need permits to pass roadblocks and checkpoints. They need to make a detour to get into their own town. Surrounded by Israel’s Wall on two sides and with many restricted roads and roadblocks, bloggers in Bethlehem live in a prison. The illegal barrier cuts through several kilometers of Bethlehem and it is expected to stretch across more than 420 miles. With one quarter completed, the barrier has already disrupted the lives of thousands of Palestinians who have been cut off from their lands and have been prevented from reaching other villages and population centers.
The EI story also gets a shout on Ali Abunimah's site, who is a co-founder of EI and Electronic Iraq.

So far, so good.

It's important for us to be able to speak out about life here in the open air prison of Bethlehem, and found the idea of a blog the perfect tool. If you are in the Bethlehem area and want your stories, your narative told to the world, send us an email: bethlehembloggers@gmail.com

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